Recruiter’s role| Future plans

The whole world is suffering due to the ongoing outbreak and the worst part is no one can predict that when things are going to be normalized. However, the national lockdown is adversely impacting the economy from small to the large corporations. As a result, organizations are laying off staff or cutting wages or so, in this scenario, the recruiter’s job is off the table as the hiring is stalled.

Nevertheless, there is a silver lining of this situation is that, it is generating an opportunity to try something new and here I am sharing the few areas of work that a recruiter can take up or contribute in the company.

Employee Relation and Engagement

Now things have been changed to virtual working and without any choice employees are adapting themselves to digital working. This is a crucial time as it is a new environment for employees, and no doubts, that it is creating lots of challenges for them. This is a high time that a recruiter gets a chance to do work apart from recruiting and think out of the box. The recruiter can participate and share their ideas to engage employees during telecommuting. In corporate virtual games, interactive sessions, learning/knowledge events could be a pragmatic approach in this pandemic.

Besides, don’t forget that human interaction has been cut so employees may feel depressed, especially those who are not living with families. A weekly check on call on their well-being is highly in demand. A recruiter can have a short call just to check employees mental state and prepare an analysis for those who need attention. This will pump-up their mood and stabilized the mental state .

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Blog Writing

Well, it is a vital aspect for any origination to have their own blogs .The best part of the blogging is that no prior experience is needed, hence, you don’t need to be a writer or story teller etc. Just one skill needed as per me for blogging is imagination and clarity of thoughts. Now when there is no hiring requirement so let the world know about the culture of the company where you work. If you work in a start-up, you can write blogs about the history of the company, case studies with clients, culture, hiring process, intern’s life at the company and many other things. This will ease your talent acquisition for the future.

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Finance Management

Whether it’s a start-up or large corporation, there are plethora of work in finance department where an HR could participate. If you remember the fundamental of finance which you have studied during your MBA then it’s the best time for you to take control of compiling data of the accounts department and work on bills receivable and payable. If you do not wish to go into that depth, then you can participate in preparing journals or data that reflect annually how many funds had been spent on insurance, employee’s welfare, travel, bonuses, incentive etc. This could help in managing company’s budget.

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If your organization is client oriented, then this is the time to check the quality of the company’s services and take the feedbacks or suggestions. This is predominately to fortify your customer relationship. During this time, you may also request clients to write a recommendation or a few good words that could be published on the company’s web page or social media. This is a good time to ask for references that could be a prospect lead for the company .

Project Management

Many roles have been fallen owing to the cost-cutting and the breaks down in the economy. If your interpersonal skills are good, then you can do Project Management work. You can connect with the clients and the working team from time to time to let the client know about the progress of the work. Project manager’s role is like a bridge to balance work between clients and a working team. It’s more or less like a mediator role and one needs to have good managerial and communication skills.

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Business Analyst

Another good opportunity is Business analyst work. This is close to the project manager’s work; however, it takes place at the initial stage of the project. The job requires to write down the client’s requirements in a detailed manner and prepare an RFP (request for proposal) . Though, the role demands an eye for details and a thorough check on the project’s requirements.

Social Media Marketing

It’s a booming sector and becoming an imperative source for hiring. During lockdown, you can probably take responsibility to participate in enhancing your company’s social presence. If you are unfamiliar with digital marketing, then pursue any short courses. Nowadays tons of online free courses are available that will give you more insight.

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Well, I hope above listed jobs may be helpful for all those who are facing tough time . Don't forget “when the tough gets going the going gets tough” . Lets rock in this time , so you remember that you perform really well and feel proud of your self. Lastly, this shall too pass!